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September 21, 2022

Venture Houston 2022

Venture Houston 2022

The Houston venture and tech ecosystem is exploding and it’s time to get involved! Venture Houston 2022 is the premier event for innovative corporates, entrepreneurs, and venture investors to plug into what is happening in Houston.

Hosted at the Ion, this event will illuminate the power of venture capital, featuring many of HX Venture Fund's limited partner corporate CEOs along with top portfolio VCs, Houston's industry leaders, and emerging and successful Houston entrepreneurs.

Watch Venture Houston 2022 Panels:

MORNING KEYNOTE: Gwyneth Paltrow and Dana Settle: A Conversation About the Entrepreneur's Journey in Today's World

The entrepreneur's journey, and the role of the venture capitalist in building a tech ecosystem.

Consumer-Focused Company Building and the Growth of E-commerce

A discussion of the trends in consumer-focused company building and connected commerce, from the venture capitalist and the founder's perspective.

Scaling Startups in Houston: What it Really Takes

You are past Founder Market Fit, and you've crossed the Penny Gap with funding beyond the friends and family round. Now you have customer traction, and you are ready to scale. What does it take to scale, and what might that look like for a Houston entrepreneur specifically?

AFTERNOON KEYNOTE: The Investment Climate for the Entrepreneur and the Venture Capitalist Today

The IPO window opens and shuts in periods of certainty and uncertainty. Where are we now in the cycle, and what does that mean for the entrepreneur and the investor?

Houston, A Destination for Innovation: Predictions for our Future

Hear from Houston's leaders about the growth of Houston's tech ecosystem. We are now over $2 billion in venture funding in 2021, and yet we have room to grow. Where do we need to improve as an ecosystem, and what does the Houston innovation landscape look like in ten years?

Revolutionizing the Energy Transition

Houston is the Energy capital of the world and has the potential to lead the world in the energy transition. Do we have the venture capital, corporate base, and talent we need to revolutionize the Energy Transition from Houston? What will that look like?

Innovating the Future of Healthcare

How can we translate strong federal funding and superior academic leadership to fast-growing tech companies solving some of the largest problems in the world in the life sciences? Thinking forward, what is the future of healthcare? Will Houston be home to that innovation wave?

Innovations in Mobility Across Land, Sea, and Air

What are the biggest barriers to mobility and what are the enabling technologies that will help break down those barriers? How can the entrepreneur and venture capitalist partner to advance mobility across land, sea, and air?